Amber Curiosity

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Amber Curiosity is a rare special item obtained from mining Amber.



One Amber Curiosity has a 1.5% chance to drop from amber when mined with a stone-tiered pickaxe or higher. A pickaxe enchanted with Fortune can increase the chance of Amber dropping an Amber Curiosity: 2.5% with Fortune I, 3.5% with Fortune II, and 5% with Fortune III.


Amber Curiosities can be crafted into some powerful blocks or items or can be used to change the appearance of certain mobs to a new retro look.

Crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Amber Monolith Amber +
Amber Curiosity +
Diamond +
AmberAmberAmberAmberAmber CuriosityAmberLimestoneLimestone
Amber Monolith
Extinction Spear Amber Curiosity +
Heavy Bone +
Limestone Spear +
Tectonic Shard
Tectonic ShardTectonic ShardLimestone SpearTectonic ShardAmber CuriosityHeavy BoneAmber Curiosity
Extinction Spear
Ominous Catalyst Amber Curiosity +
Heavy Bone
Heavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneAmber CuriosityHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy Bone
Ominous Catalyst

Changing mobs

Using an Amber Curiosity on either a Subterranodon, Vallumraptor, Grottoceratops, Tremorsaurus, Relicheirus, Atlatitan, or Tremorzilla with your use button will cause the targeted mob to change to a new retro appearance. The Amber Curiosity will be consumed upon use.

If an Amber Curiosity is used on an already retro-skinned mob, it will revert it back to its original colors. Reverting a mob's skin back will still consume the Amber Curiosity.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.0 Can now be used to craft Ominous Catalyst and Extinction Spear.
Can now be used to change skins of Atlatitan and Tremorzilla.