Remote Detonator

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A Remote Detonator is a unique utility used to ignite TNT and Nuclear Bombs from any distance.



Remote Detonators are crafted from 1 Fissile Core, 3 Polymer Plates, and 1 block of redstone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Redstone +
Fissile Core +
Polymer Plate
Fissile CorePolymer PlatePolymer PlatePolymer Plate
Remote Detonator


Binding explosives

Pressing the use button on either a TNT or Nuclear Bomb will bind it to the held Remote Detonator. Once bound, its screen and side buttons will glow brighter and the coordinates the bound block is at in the world will be shown in its tooltip. Remote Detonators can always switch between which block of TNT or Nuclear Bomb they can bind to, but cannot return to being unbound without first exploding or manually removing the bound block.


Pressing the use button on a bound Remote Detonator will cause the linked TNT or Nuclear Bomb to ignite as if a flint and steel were used on it. No matter if the bound block is in an unloaded chunk or an entirely different dimension, it will always be able to explode with the use of a Remote Detonator.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.4 Fixed Remote Detonator duplicating.