Bucket of Trilocaris

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A Bucket of Trilocaris is a Trilocaris inside of a water bucket.


A Bucket of Trilocaris can be obtained by using a water bucket on a Trilocaris. Once a water bucket is used, the Trilocaris is picked up along with the water source block.



Pressing the use button with a Bucket of Trilocaris places a water source block, and spawns the Trilocaris back into the world, leaving an empty bucket inside the player's inventory. Placing a Bucket of Trilocaris in the Nether causes the same particles to appear that generate when a normal water bucket is placed in the Nether, and the Trilocaris is spawned alone.

Trilocaris caught in buckets then released do not despawn, unlike mobs that naturally spawn in aquatic environments.

If a Bucket of Trilocaris is named a certain name through an anvil, the Trilocaris inside displays that name as if it were named with a name tag. Alternatively, if a named Trilocaris is captured with a bucket of water, the resulting Bucket of Trilocaris shares the name with the captured Trilocaris.


If a Bucket of Trilocaris is placed inside a dispenser, the dispenser spawns the Trilocaris and water block in front of it upon activation, leaving an empty bucket inside. Dispensers cannot pick up Trilocaris with water buckets (the bucket is emptied).


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.2 Fixed Buckets of Trilocaris not being placed by dispensers.


  • Unlike the Buckets of Mobs added by the base game, Alex's Caves implements Buckets of Mobs by overlaying an item sprite of the mob onto a regular bucket.
    • Due to this, Buckets of Mobs added by Alex's Caves don't have the pixel consistency of being lowered by 1 pixel due to the weight of the mob inside.