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A Spelunkie is a food item primarily used to heal while inflicted with the Irradiated effect. It is eaten quickly similarly to dried kelp.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Sugar +
Sulfur Dust
Sulfur Dust

Chest loot

Toxic Ruins occasionally generating within the Toxic Caves have loot chests with a 10.5% chance to contain Spelunkies.



To eat a Spelunkie, press and hold the use button while it is selected in your hotbar. Eating it will restore 2 (🍗) hunger and 0.4 hunger saturation.

A player can consume Spelunkies about twice as fast as most food items in the game.

Healing while irradiated

If eating a Spelunkie while Irradiated, it will immediately restore 4♥♥ health after consuming. It is one of the exclusively three food items that heal you while Irradiated, with the others being Slam and Green Soylent.


1.0.0 Introduced.


  • Spelunkies were heavily inspired by and a reference to Twinkies, a real-life popular American cake snack that are falsely believed to have a long shelf-life.