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Biomes are entire areas of the world with their own blocks, plants, mobs and more. Alex's Caves adds 5 new rare biomes, all of which generate in the lower portions of the Overworld.

Biome Overview

Biome name Description Screenshot
Magnetic Caves Dark cave biome full of glowing Neodymium crystals and Galena. Home to many powerful mechanical and magnetic creatures such as Teletor and Magnetron. Magnetic Caves

Primordial Caves Bright, verdant and expansive cave biome kept lit by glowing Ambersol on the ceiling, populated with numerous prehistoric creatures such as the dinosaurs Grottoceratops and Tremorsaurus. Primordial Caves

Toxic Caves Dark, dangerous cave filled with bubbling Acid and radioactive Uranium, filled with apocalyptic ruins and monsters like Brainiacs and Nucleepers. Toxic Caves

Abyssal Chasm An underwater biome found exclusively underneath surface oceans, filled with Tube Worms and strange ruins. Home of the mysterious Deep Ones and dangerous Hullbreaker. Abyssal Chasm

Forlorn Hollows Extremely dark biome composed of Guanostone and brimming with evil forces. The dangerous Underzealots patrol this place, looking for sacrifices to create Watchers and Forsaken. Forlorn Hollows