Galena Gauntlet

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The Galena Gauntlet is a special tool used primarily with magnetic tools or weapons to deal damage or mine blocks from a great distance.



The Galena Gauntlet is crafted from a multitude of different materials found solely in the Magnetic Caves.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ferrouslimeball +
Packed Galena +
Scarlet Neodymium Ingot +
Packed GalenaPacked GalenaPacked GalenaPacked GalenaTelecorePacked GalenaFerrouslimeballScarlet Neodymium IngotFerrouslimeball
Galena Gauntlet


Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Damaged Galena Gauntlet
Damaged Galena GauntletDamaged Galena Gauntlet
Galena Gauntlet
The durability of the two galena gauntlets is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.

Galena Gauntlets may also be repaired on an anvil by using Packed Galena or another galena gauntlet. Grindstones may also be used in place of anvils, but galena gauntlets will only be able to be repaired with another galena gauntlet.



Pressing and holding the use button while having any item made from Iron or Netherite in your hands along with the Galena Gauntlet in the other will cause held item to hover about 10 to 20 blocks of the direction the user is facing. Once the use button is let go, the item will fly back to its user. The gauntlet is preferably used with Iron Tools or Netherite Tools.

Galena Gauntlets lose 1 durability every time they are used.


Aiming any item at an entity will cause it to deal damage to the target. The amount of damage and attack speed will be the exact same as if the item were used when attacking regularly in the mainhand. Any Enchants on it will also apply when used with the Galena Gauntlet. If the item can lose durability and has been used to attack an entity with the galena gauntlet, it will lose durability.


Aiming the specific tool or tools used to mine the targeted block will cause the tool to start mining it. The breaking speed will be the exact same as if the tool were used in the mainhand. Any enchants on it will also apply when launched with the Galena Gauntlet. If a block does not have any specific tool that is better to use when mining it, it cannot be broken by the Galena Gauntlet. If the item can lose durability and has been used to mine blocks with the galena gauntlet, it will lose durability.


All weapons and tools added by Alex's Caves have unique enchantments that exclusively only apply for them. Unlike regular enchantments, these ones by default (without changing config settings) do not increase the pool of enchantments you can receive from any loot tables, and instead can only be obtained from enchanting the exclusive item they apply to in an Enchanting Table.

The Galena Gauntlet has three exclusive enchantments.

Field Extension

Common enchantment that increases the range an item hovers when launched from a galena gauntlet by 5 blocks per level, up to 50 blocks in total. Has levels from I-IV.


Rare enchantment that allows diamonds, diamond tools, diamond weapons, Nether Quartz, and Amethyst Shards can be used with the galena gauntlet. Does not have any higher level besides I.

  • However, other items that use diamonds, nether quartz or amethyst in their crafting recipes can still not be used by the galena gauntlet.

Ferrous Haste

Rare enchantment that makes items launched by the Galena Gauntlet attack mobs or mine blocks at a faster speed. Does not have any higher level besides I.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.1 Fixed duplication glitch with the Galena Gauntlet.
1.0.2 Fixed iron ingot exploit with Galena Gauntlet.
1.0.4 Fixed Galena Gauntlet lightning coming out of the wrong hand.
1.0.6 Fixed Galena Gauntlet not applying enchantments applying to targets.
Fixed Magnetron not dropping a Heart of Iron when killed with the Galena Gauntlet.
1.0.7 Fixed Galena Gauntlet being able to use multiple tools at once.
1.1.0 Added enchantments Field Extension, Crystallization, and Ferrous Haste for Galena Gauntlet.