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Holocoders are unique items used to generate Holograms with a Hologram Projector.



A holocoder is crafted from one Notor Gizmo, Telecore and Azure Neodymium Ingot.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Azure Neodymium Ingot +
Notor Gizmo +
Notor GizmoTelecoreAzure Neodymium Ingot
A player generating a hologram of themselves
A hologram of a Magnetron, a notorious enemy found in the Magnetic Caves


Binding mobs

Pressing the use button on a mob while holding a Holocoder will bind it to the held Holocoder. Once bound, the eye-like circle on the Holocoder's sprite will open up and the type of mob will be shown in its tooltip. Holocoders can always switch between which mob they can bind to, but can never return to being unbound.

Creating holograms

Pressing the use button on a Hologram Projector while holding a Holocoder will cause it to create a hologram of the bound mob. The created hologram will face the player who interacted with the projector, and their held Holocoder will be consumed. If a Hologram Projector is interacted with while holding an Unbound Holocoder, the projector will display a hologram of the user instead.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.4 Fixed Holocoder duplicating.
1.0.6 Fixed Holocoder not working on horses.
1.1.3 Fixed Holocoder being usable on nonliving entities.