Fissile Core

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A Fissile Core is the explosive core of a Nucleeper used to craft explosive or radioactive blocks or items. Fissile Cores are radioactive, and simply having it in the player's inventory can inflict the Irradiated effect for 1:30 seconds.


Mob loot

Nucleepers are the only mob to drop 0-1 Fissile Cores upon death. The maximum drop is increased by 1 per level of Looting, with a maximum of 4 Fissile Cores with Looting III.


Fissile Cores are most notably needed to craft Nuclear Bombs and Rayguns.

Crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Nuclear Bomb Block of Iron +
Block of Uranium +
Fissile Core +
Uranium Rod
Fissile CoreUranium RodBlock of UraniumUranium RodFissile Core
Nuclear Bomb
Raygun Fissile Core +
Polymer Plate +
Uranium Rod
Polymer PlatePolymer PlatePolymer PlateFissile CoreUranium RodUranium RodPolymer Plate
Remote Detonator Block of Redstone +
Fissile Core +
Polymer Plate
Fissile CorePolymer PlatePolymer PlatePolymer Plate
Remote Detonator


1.0.0 Introduced.


  • Strangely, Fissile Cores are held in your hands like how a sword would when viewed in third-person. Thus, the item is bigger in your hand and held vertically.