Immortal Embryo

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The Immortal Embryo is an extremely strange item that represents an embryo frozen in development of some unknown creature. It can only be obtained from slaying the formidable Hullbreaker.


Mob loot

If one manages to slay the Hullbreaker, it will always regurgitate 1 Immortal Embryo before disintegrating into poof particles. The maximum amount cannot be increased with Looting.


Crafting ingredient

The Immortal Embryo is exclusively used to create the Tremorzilla Egg.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Tremorzilla Egg Immortal Embryo +
Tectonic Shard +
Tremorsaurus Egg
Tectonic ShardTectonic ShardImmortal EmbryoTectonic ShardTectonic ShardTremorsaurus EggTectonic Shard
Tremorzilla Egg


1.1.0 Introduced.