Depth Charge

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Depth Charges are unique throwable combat items that explode after hitting a solid surface. They can alternatively be used to craft Drains.


A Depth Charge exploding.
A Depth Charge being thrown.

Mob loot

Mine Guardians are the only mob to drop 0-2 Depth Charges upon death. The maximum drop is increased by 1 per level of Looting, with a maximum of 5 Depth Charges with Looting III.


Crafting ingredient

Depth Charges can be used to craft Drains instead of being used for combat.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Drain Bucket +
Depth Charge +
Redstone Dust
Depth ChargeDepth Charge


Holding a Depth Charge and pressing your use button will throw it, consuming it in the process. There is no charging time or cooldown for firing them, meaning they can be thrown as fast as the player can click.

Similarly to other projectiles, they are affected by gravity; their range is almost identical to that of a splash potion, albeit are thrown a miniscule amount further. Uniquely to other projectiles however, a Depth Charge's trajectory is seemingly unaffected when travelling through water.

When coming into contact with any side of a block that cannot be walked through by the player, the Depth Charge will begin to slowly slide downward unaffected by gravity - even if it slides far enough to the point where it is no longer touches any face of a block.

After 1.5 seconds of impacting a block, it will cause a sizeable explosion similar to that of an uncharged creeper's. Both explosions will be similar in size, similar in damage inflicted to mobs and players, and both will decay drops from broken blocks if the gamerule mobExplosionDecay is set to true. However, a Depth Charge's explosion also differs from a creeper's explosion by various ways. Depth Charges will make the same sound and particles as a Mine Guardian when exploding, destroy blocks even when underwater, and will break blocks with high blast resistances such as obsidian and ancient debris.


1.0.0 Introduced.


  • Depth Charges being able to destroy blocks with extremely high blast resistances is most likely a bug or oversight.
  • Depth Charges are based on the real life weapons also dubbed Depth Charges. The real-life counterpart is primarily used in warfare and is not thrown directly at targets but rather rolled off vessels in the vicinity of submarines.