Potion Effects

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Alex's Caves features at least one new status effect per biome.

  • Bubbled: A status ailment caused by the Deep One Mage from the Abyssal Chasm.
  • Darkness Incarnate: A buff granted by the Forlorn Hollows armor set, allowing the wearer quick creative-mode-esque flight.
  • Deepsight: A buff that removes the vanilla water fog when you explore underwater
  • Irradiated: A debuff common in the Toxic Caves that stops health regeneration.
  • Magnetizing: A buff from the Magnetic Caves that allows creatures and the player to be affected by Neodymium blocks without needing metal armor.
  • Rage: A Primordial Caves buff that lets its user do more damage on lower health.
  • Stunned: A status ailment from the Primordial Caves that causes mobs/players to be unable to move or attack.