Lingering Potion of Magnetizing

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A Lingering Potion of Magnetizing is a special variant of Splash Potion of Magnetizing that leaves Magnetizing-inflicting clouds that linger on the ground in an area.



A non-extended lingering potion of magnetizing lasts 0:45 seconds.

Ingredients Brewing recipe
Dragon's Breath +
Splash Potion of Magnetizing

Lingering Potion of Magnetizing



Lingering Potions of Magnetizing can be thrown to create a lasting area effect cloud. Any mobs or players stepping in this area effect cloud will be inflicted with the Magnetizing effect for the amount of time shown on its item tooltip.

If an entity is already effected with Magnetizing and is in a cloud created by a Lingering Potion of Magnetizing, it will simply resets the effect's duration. (To see more about the Magnetizing effect itself, go to: Magnetizing).


Lingering Potions of Magnetizing can have their duration extended.

  1. Adding redstone dust extends the duration from 0:45 seconds to 2:00 minutes.

Crafting ingredient

Lingering Potions of Magnetizing can be combined with 8 arrows to turn them into Arrows of Magnetizing.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Arrow of Magnetizing Arrow +
Lingering Potion of Magnetizing


1.0.0 Introduced.