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The Extinction Spear is a spear imbued with the powers of ancient mobs at your side, it can be used as a melee and ranged weapon similarly to the Limestone Spear and Trident.



The Extinction Spear notoriously needs Tectonic Shards, which can only be obtained from slaying the powerful Luxtructosaurus.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Extinction Spear Amber Curiosity +
Heavy Bone +
Limestone Spear +
Tectonic Shard
Tectonic ShardTectonic ShardLimestone SpearTectonic ShardAmber CuriosityHeavy BoneAmber Curiosity
Extinction Spear


Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Damaged Extinction Spear
Damaged Extinction SpearDamaged Extinction Spear
Extinction Spear
The durability of the two extinction spears is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.

Extinction Spears may also be repaired on an anvil by using Tectonic Shards or another extinction spear. Grindstones may also be used in place of anvils, but extinction spears will only be able to be repaired with another extinction spear.

Thrown extinction spears

Extinction Spears that have been thrown onto the ground by a player and haven't yet exploded can be picked up. Only the user of a Extinction Spear thrown in Creative mode can pick it up; other players in Creative and players in Survival mode including its own owner can't pick up the spear thrown in Creative.


Melee attack

Pressing the attack button while holding an Extinction Spear deals damage to both mobs and players. Extinction Spears deal 9♥♥♥♥♥ melee damage aswell as igniting entities on fire for 5 seconds. Once the spear has been used in melee combat, a Tremorsaurus Spirit will manifest and bite the already wounded enemy before disappearing again, dealing a further 3♥♥ damage. Extinction Spears have an attack speed of 1 (equating to a cooldown of only 1 second per attack). Extinction Spears lose 1 durability each time they're used for either melee or range combat.

Ranged attack

Pressing and holding the use button charges up the spear and summons 3 Grottoceratops spirits that will orbit the player. Each of these spirits will block 100% of any incoming damage, at the cost of that it will immediately disappear once doing so. If the spear has been thrown or has been switched for another item, all Grottoceratops spirits will immediately vanish.

Once the use button is let go, the charge that the spear has accumulated will determine how far it will be thrown. Extinction spears fly in a ballistic trajectory similar to that of an arrow, but will go even further than an arrow shot from a crossbow when fully charged. If the spear hits a block, it will momentarily stick to it before starting to shake until causing a fiery explosion. This explosion will deal 1♥ to 12♥ × 6 damage and varying knockback to entities depending on how far they are from the blast radius. The explosion will also set fire to random nearby blocks in a 2x2x1 cubic area. The explosion cannot do damage the spear's original thrower or destroy any blocks. After exploding, the spear flies back to the original thrower similarly to a trident enchanted with loyalty. If the spear hits an entity, it will ignite the hit entity on fire for 5 seconds and awaken a Subterranodon spirit. It will do this all before bouncing off, landing nearby, blasting into a fiery explosion, and flying back to the player who threw it. The summoned Subterranodon spirit will pick up and drag the hit target 12 blocks into the air, before dropping it and disappearing. All kinds of shields will block the thrown Extinction Spear from damaging, and subsequently block the Subterranodon spirit from summoning. Thrown Extinction spears can trigger wooden buttons, wooden pressure plates, and target blocks, however it cannot be used to destroy chorus flowers or pointed dripstone like regular arrows or tridents can. On the contrary, Extinction Spears can still be used to explode Tesla Bulbs.


Thrown Extinction Spears deal 10♥♥♥♥♥ damage. The amount of damage is not influenced by how fast the spear is traveling through the air.


All weapons and tools added by Alex's Caves have unique enchantments that exclusively only apply for them. Unlike regular enchantments, these ones by default (without changing config settings) do not increase the pool of enchantments you can receive from any loot tables, and instead can only be obtained from enchanting the exclusive item they apply to in an Enchanting Table.

The Extinction Spear has 3 exclusive enchantments.

Plummeting Flight

Rare enchantment that makes the Subterranodon spirit take longer to disappear and drop its picked up mob, with the duration before disappearing increasing per level. Has levels from I-III.

Herd Phalanx

Rare enchantment that summons extra Grottoceratops spirits when the spear is being charged up, with an extra 1 being summoned per level. Has levels from I-III.

Chomping Spirit

Rare enchantment that increases the bite strength of the Tremorsaurus spirit by 2♥ damage per level. Has levels from I-II.


1.1.0 Introduced.
1.1.1 Fixed Extinction Spear Grottoceratops spirits not disappearing when switching items.