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This page lists all content planned for Alex's Caves.

Upcoming Updates

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is the second major update for Alex's Caves. It will add the Candy Cavity, a new cave biome entirely made out of candy. Due to the cave's nature, everything inside is edible. Certain materials will cause special effects upon being eaten, with others having uses beyond consumption, like crafting tools, armor, or even utility mobs - in addition to this, players can use resources unique to the cave biome to craft a machine that can change the surrounding biome into a different one. However, it is also home to many monsters, which, while also edible, can be surprisingly aggressive.

Mentioned features:

  • Generation features
    • Ice cream mountains
    • Soda bottles and rivers
    • Sundrops
  • Mobs
    • Gummy Worm
    • Gummy Bear
    • Gingerbread Man
    • Sweetish Fish
    • Caniac
    • Gumball Creeper
    • Candy unicorn

Future Plans

Galactic Caverns

The Galactic Caverns is a new cave biome distinguished by a zero-gravity, almost space-like atmosphere. Alien lifeforms of many kinds prowl this biome, while the various planetoids floating around can be mined for resources - certain materials unique to this biome will even allow the player to make their own zero-gravitational field.

Micro Chasm

The Micro Chasm is a new cave biome inhabited by giant microorganisms. It is mostly filled with glowing, nutrient-filled water, which the biome's denizens will take advantage of to feed on the bacteria inside - certain kinds of bacteria are capable of causing harmful effects, and may spread if left unchecked.

Oak Undergrowth

The Oak Undergrowth is a new cave biome formed by a gigantic oak tree. Numerous other kinds of vegetation can be found growing around the tree, and can be farmed for resources - in addition to this, many giant arthropods inhabit this biome, with most being able to be tamed.

Chamber of Champions

The Chamber of Champions is a new cave biome that contains a massive, sprawling dungeon. Inside this dungeon are various powerful artifacts with varying uses - mythical monsters guard these artifacts, attacking any player who enters the dungeon on sight.

Paranormal Pit

The Paranormal Pit is a new cave biome with unique properties. Initially, it will appear as a generic, non-biome cave - however, by using special equipment, players will be able to enter a bustling, ghostly Western town and partake in many activities there, such as gambling, bounty hunting, or riding ghost trains.

Heavenly Hollows

The Heavenly Hollows is a new cave biome inhabited by angels. Not much else is known about this cave biome, due to lacking interest from the community.

Flesh Pit

The Flesh Pit is a new cave biome formed by an enormous creature. This creature is still alive and fully sentient, and players who enter it will have to contend with the many grotesque monsters that comprise its immune system, along with any parasites looking to exploit it themselves.

Lilliputian Grotto

The Lilliputian Grotto is a new cave biome home to a tiny civilization. While the player is initially unable to interact with the civilization due to its size, they are able to shrink in order to interact with the locals and their livestock, in addition to fighting "giant" monsters that attack their cities.

Cenote of Souls

The Cenote of Souls is a new cave biome defined by a vibrant underworld. Various spirits of the dead inhabit this biome, and players are also able to make use of special crops that grow there in addition to gaining new ways to return from the dead.

Dynastic Necropolis

The Dynastic Necropolis is a new cave formed by a great, ancient tomb. Precious materials can be found here, but are protected by rivers of heavy metal in addition to living statues that awaken in response to intruders - via a special item unique to this cave biome, players will be able to summon a powerful dragon to aid them.

Ancient Aquifer

The Ancient Aquifer is a new cave biome filled with a bustling sea. Similarly to the dinosaurs of the Primordial Caves, many prehistoric sea creatures inhabit this biome - Trilocaris can also be found here. Aside from this, very little else is known about this biome.

Permafrost Grotto

The Permafrost Grotto is a new cave biome frozen over by ice. Various kinds of prehistoric megafauna can be found here, all of which bear a vague resemblance to mythical beings from Norse mythology. Aside from this, very little else is known about this biome.