Charred Remnant

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Charred Remnant is the ancient remains of a mysteriously radioactive item that can ironically be used to craft some of the most high-tech machinery. Due to Charred Remnant being radioactive, having it in your inventory can inflict you with the Irradiated effect for 1:30 seconds.


Mob loot

Brainiacs are the only mob to drop 0-1 Charred Remnant upon death. The maximum drop is increased by 1 per level of Looting, with a maximum of 4 Charred Remnant with Looting III.


Charred Remnant is most notably needed to craft Nuclear Furnace Components, which in turn can be combined to create the highly advanced Nuclear Furnace.

Crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Nuclear Furnace Component Blast Furnace +
Charred Remnant +
Nuclear Siren Iron Ingot +
Charred Remnant +
Charred RemnantUranium (Alexs Caves)Charred Remnant
Nuclear Siren


1.0.0 Introduced.