Seeking Arrow

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A Seeking Arrow is a special variant of arrow infused with the magnetic properties of neodymium, causing them to curve toward any nearby mob they fly by.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Arrow +
Scarlet Neodymium Ingot
Scarlet Neodymium Ingot
Seeking Arrow8

Chest loot

Magnetic Ruins occasionally generating within the Magnetic Caves have loot chests with a 4.8% chance to contain Seeking Arrows.

Picking up arrows

Similarly to regular arrows, players can pick up seeking arrows that have been shot by dispensers, or other players in Survival or Adventure mode. Unlike regular arrows, seeking arrows shot by an Infinity-enchanted bow can be picked up, as they are not affected by the enchantment.

Resistor shields

Resistor Shields enchanted with the Arrow Inducting enchantment will turn deflected arrows into Seeking Arrows which will target towards an opposing enemy. If the arrow does not manage to hit a target and hits the ground, it will be available for collection by anyone.


Seeking arrows share many of the same characteristics as regular arrows as projectiles. See mcw:Arrow#Common properties for information on common properties shared by all arrows.

Special properties

When a seeking arrow is airborne and in a 10 block cubic radius with the hitbox of an eligible target, the arrow will begin to track and chase it meanwhile gaining immense momentum. After it first homes onto its target, the arrow will never stop pathing towards it unless it hits its designated target or an obstruction.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.0 Can now be obtained from a Resistor Shield enchanted with Arrow Inducting when blocking an arrow.
1.1.2 Fixed seeking arrows getting stuck if fired from a piercing crossbow.