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Atlatitans are gigantic neutral mobs found in the Primordial Caves after the Luxtructosaurus is slain for the first time. They can be fed Serene Salad and ridden for a brief amount of time, during which they are capable of leveling the terrain with a hefty stomp.

Cave Compendium Entry

"The Atlatitan is the living, non-possessed version of the undead Luxtructosaurus, and only begins to appear in the world after this boss has been slain. Unlike its twisted undead version, this creature is a neutral herbivore, seemingly content preening the leaves and pewen needles that are plentiful in the Primordial Caves. Atlatitan is not entirely defenseless however, and can attack using its powerful tail and a quick kick with its spiked front legs. Although it cannot be tamed, the Altatitan [sic] can be fed some Serene Salad to make it into a temporary mount. When ridden, they have a special ability that enables them to flatten out an entire area by unleashing a powerful stomp. This makes them perfect for terraforming areas to prepare them for building. Like other herbivorous dinosaurs, it can be bred with Tree Stars to produce a single, giant egg. Atlatitans drop plenty of Heavy Bones and Dinosaur Chops if defeated, although this is rare since they have no natural predators."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Atlatitans spawn from Amber Monoliths for a day after the Luxtructosaurus has been slain at least once.


On death

Item Roll Chance Quantity (Default) Quantity (Looting I) Quantity (Looting II) Quantity (Looting III)
Grid Raw Dinosaur Chop.png Dinosaur Chop [1] 100% 7-9 7-10 7-11 7-12
Heavy bone.png Heavy Bone 100% 5-9 5-11 5-13 5-15
  1. Dropped as Cooked Dinosaur Chop if on fire when killed.


Atlatitans will continuously wander around in a random fashion, making loud thumping noises and shaking the screen for all players on the ground within 20 blocks of them as they walk - as well as this, they will make not make any attempt to avoid obstacles, and they may grunt occasionally. Due to their size, they can step up 3 full blocks without having to jump. Similarly to horses, Atlatitans will passively regenerate health.

After a minimum of 10 seconds, Atlatitans will seek out and chew on any leaves or Archaic Vines 3-20 blocks off the ground within a 16-block radius - they will not destroy any vegetation they chew on, however.

Atlatitans will follow any player that holds out Tree Stars within a 6-block radius.

Atlatitans will retaliate against players or mobs that hit them, remaining hostile until their attacker dies or exits their detection range. In addition to this, any player or mob that tramples a Atlatitan's egg by standing or jumping on it will provoke all Atlatitans within a 16-block radius - interestingly enough, however, breaking the egg via mining it will not trigger this reaction. Upon reaching a target, an Atlatitan will usually curl its tail sideways before pivoting around and swinging it at a target, dealing 8♥♥♥♥ damage to all targets within 12 blocks to the side it swung its tail; occasionally, however, it may quickly kick at them with its left or right front leg, dealing 6♥♥♥ damage to all targets within 5 blocks in front of it.

As dinosaurs, Atlatitans are able to stand on dinosaur eggs without trampling them.


Atlatitans take 100% less knockback in addition to 75% less damage from projectiles that hit its torso and 67% less damage from those that hit anywhere else. Due to their immense size, they also cannot be possessed by the Totem of Possession.


If fed a Serene Salad, an Atlatitan will become able to be mounted for 10 minutes, with the bowl being returned to the player empty; for that duration of time, the Atlatitan will emit yellow popping bubble particles from its head. The player can mount an Atlatitan by interacting with it without sneaking; once mounted, it can be controlled by WASD controls as well as the mouse, and can be dismounted with the left Shift key. As well as this, a special meter near the bottom center of the screen will quickly fill up. Once the meter is full, pressing G will cause the Atlatitan to rear up while raising its front legs before stomping on the ground, causing the screen to violently shake for all players on the ground within 20 blocks in addition to causing the meter to fully deplete; if on uneven terrain, it will crush all blocks within a 15-block radius, forming a crater up to 6 blocks deep if the terrain is uneven enough.


Two Atlatitans can be bred with Tree Stars. After breeding, one of the Atlatitans will seek out dirt and start vigorously digging at it for a few seconds before laying an egg and replacing the dirt block under it with a Fern Thatch. Similarly to turtle eggs, Atlatitan eggs will drop as an item when mined using any tool enchanted with Silk Touch, otherwise breaking and not dropping anything - as well as this, they can be trampled. If on any block except ice, amber, or Amber Monoliths, they will crack every so often, hatching into Atlatitan sauropodlets upon cracking 3 times - this process usually takes 8-10 days, but will take 4-5 if the eggs are on a Fern Thatch. It takes 1 day for an Atlatitan sauropodlet to reach adulthood.

After breeding once, Atlatitans will be unable to breed again for 5 minutes.

Easter Eggs


Atlatitans will dance if they are within 5 blocks of a jukebox playing music. Like other dinosaurs, they will continue to dance as long as the music disc remains in the jukebox and the music is still ongoing - unlike other dinosaurs, however, they will stand upright for as long as they are dancing. While dancing, they will stay in place, not reacting to players or other mobs in any capacity.

Amber Curiosity

Using an Amber Curiosity on an Atlatitan causes it to have a special "retro" texture with dark blue skin, a black head and feet, light blue stripes on its neck and face, and light grey teeth, spikes, and claws in addition to no dewlap. This is a reference to the Brachiosaurus from Fossils and Archaeology, a popular dinosaur mod that first released in July 2011 and received continuous updates over the next year. After its initial death, a revival mod was first released in February 2013, and continues to be updated today - Alexthe666, the main coder of Alex's Caves, had previously worked on this revival for 4 years, technically making it one of his older coding projects.

Tectonic Shard

Using a Tectonic Shard on an Atlatitan causes it to have a special "eruption" texture with a black and red color scheme, similarly to the Luxtructosaurus.


1.1.0 Introduced.
1.1.1 Fixed a bug where it could be ridden for an infinite amount of time.
Fixed a bug where it could not breed.
1.1.2 Fixed a bug where it would randomly teleport while moving.
No longer attacks pigs.
Fixed a bug where the rideability timer would only decrease when the stomp ability is activated.
Baby Atlatitans no longer make loud stomping noises when walking.
1.1.3 Now passively regenerates health, similarly to other dinosaurs.


  • Atlatitans are classified as "cave creatures" - they are functionally very similar to creatures, but can only spawn underground.
  • Atlatitans are one of the few mobs in the mod to be animated with inverse kinematics - their legs will shift upwards or downwards to appear as if they are always touching a block.
  • Initially, Atlatitans were planned to be referred to as “Luxtructosaurus” - as that was the name of the species - with the boss sauropod being referred to as “Deathnaughtus”. However, Alexthe666 forgot about this and continued to refer to the boss as “Luxtructosaurus” - due to how much progress he made on the boss, the name “Atlatitan” - after Atlas, the mythological titan sentenced to hold up the earth for eternity - was made for the standard sauropods.
  • Atlatitans were the last mob revealed for the Eruption Update, but the second to be added after the Luxtructosaurus. This was because, as living sauropods, they are very similar to the Luxtructosaurus, and thus took less work to add than the Tremorzilla.
  • The Atlatitan's design was kept a secret up until the release of the Eruption Update, with only some small hints being given as to what it looked like. It was said to look "cute" and "friendly", much like a teddy bear - in addition to this, its model was said to be similar to that of the Luxtructosaurus, although not a total reskin.
    • The main differences between the Atlatitan and Luxtructosaurus models are in the spikes. The Atlatitan has a more rounded pattern to its dorsal spikes as opposed to the angular dorsal spike patterns of the Luxtructosaurus, in addition to having more of them - while the Luxtructosaurus has 3 spikes on its neck and 2 on its shoulders, the Atlatitan has 4 on its neck and 3 on its shoulders. In addition to this, the spikes on the Atlatitan's front legs are more rounded compared to those on the Luxtructosaurus'.
    • Interestingly enough, the Atlatitan is also 6% smaller than the Luxtructosaurus.
  • The Atlatitan's Cave Compendium entry is a secret entry, and will not appear in Cave Compendiums obtained in Creative.
  • An Atlatitan's stomp is capable of crushing blocks with a maximum blast resistance of 10 by default. This crushing strength can be altered in the general config file, with an inputted maximum blast resistance of 0 disabling the stomp's ability to crush blocks.
  • The Atlatitan's dancing animation is a reference to the music video for Gangnam Style, a South Korean dance pop song that went viral shortly after its release in 2012 and continues to inspire memes to this day.
  • Due to code left over from testing, Atlatitans used to attack pigs on sight. This was later removed.