Primordial Caves

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The Primordial Caves is the second cave biome added by Alex's Caves. Long being cut off from the surface world, this biome is themed around prehistoric life of many kinds. It is kept decently well lit by Ambersol clustered on the ceiling. This biome usually generates with large, open spaces underground, full of the new flora and fauna introduced.


The Primordial Caves has an ambient light level that is rendered by minecraft in a similar way that the nether and end dimensions do. Other Alex's Caves biomes, like the Toxic Caves, have this effect too, but none to the extent of the primordial caves, which are only slightly darker than daytime on the surface. This effect is toggle-able in the config and effected by the in game 'Brightness' setting.

The primordial caves also feature a noticeable yellow fog that adds to their mystique.

When inside the primordial caves, distant calls of birds and dinosaurs can be heard.


The entirety of the rock of the primordial caves is made up of Limestone with thinner layers of sandstone inbetween. On the ceiling of these caves, Archaic Vines hang down next to Amber clusters.

Dino Bowl

A technical structure used in this cave called the alexscaves:dino_bowl carves out the massive open spaces of the Primordial Caves.

Primal Volcano



The spawn table for monsters and animals is empty for this biome. All creatures that spawn in the Primordial Caves are of the spawn table cave_creature, which is similar to animals in that they mostly spawn when a chunk is loaded. Unlike the animal spawn table, cave_creature will only spawn mobs underneath the surface.

MobSpawn weightGroup size
Water ambient category
Cave creature category

We are also aware of an unreleased boss mob coming in the future called the Luxtrucosaurus, coming in release 1.1