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The Magic Conch is an extremely magical weapon capable of summoning loyal Deep Ones to aid you in battle.



The Magic Conch can be obtained from bartering with a Deep One Knight, which has a 4.05% chance to place it on an Abyssal Altar in exchange for a Pearl.



Pressing and holding the use button charges up the Magic Conch. If this charge is let go prematurely, the Magic Conch will fail to summon any allies and emit a simple whooshing noise. If the conch is released with a full charge however, exactly three Deep Ones, two Deep One Knights, and one Deep One Mage will rise from the ground nearby with a large splash. These summoned allies will always be helpful to the user who summoned them, even if the user's reputation with the Deep Ones isn't positive. They will follow their summoner within 30 to 12 blocks of them, can be commanded to attack other players or mobs by simply punching them, and will retaliate against any enemy besides tamed animals that damages their summoner. After the Magic Conch summons Deep Ones, it will enter a cooldown of 1 minute before being able to be used again.

After exactly one minute, the summoned Deep Ones will sink back into the ground and despawn, emitting the exact same splash they caused when they had first risen out of the ground.

Using the Magic Conch to summon the Deep Ones will cause it to lose 1 out of its 5 durability, thus making it absolutely necessary to only use the Magic Conch when in dire need of help.


All weapons and tools added by Alex's Caves have unique enchantments that exclusively only apply for them. Unlike regular enchantments, these ones by default (without changing config settings) do not increase the pool of enchantments you can receive from any loot tables, and instead can only be obtained from enchanting the exclusive item they apply to in an Enchanting Table.

The Magic Conch has 3 exclusive enchantments.

Charting Call

Common enchantment that increases amount of Deep Ones summoned when Magic Conch is used, with more individuals being summoned per level. Has levels from I-III.

Lasting Morale

Rare enchantment that increasing duration of time before Deep Ones sink back into the ground, with an extra 20 seconds added per level. Has levels from I-III.

Taxing Bellow

Rare enchantment that decreases Reputation with the Deep Ones by 2 in exchange for durability. Does not have any higher level besides I.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.0 Added enchantments Charting Call, Lasting Morale, and Taxing Bellow for the Magic Conch.


  • As of Alex's Caves version v1.1.4, the Charting Call enchantment is bugged and doesn't summon any Deep Ones at all.