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A Floater is a rideable entity primarily used to save yourself from drowning by rapidly ascending yourself above the surface of water.



A Floater notably requires Bioluminesscence for its crafting recipe - which in turn can only be obtained from slaying a Gossamer Worm.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ping-Pong Sponge +
BioluminesscenceBioluminesscenceBioluminesscenceBioluminesscencePing Pong SpongePing Pong SpongePing Pong Sponge


Floaters are primarily used when under so much water that the chances of resurfacing and not drowning seem minimal. If already taking damage from drowning, mounting on a Floater will not negate any of the damage. Placed Floaters are not able to be retrieved and turned back into item form.

Floaters can only be used whilst the user is in either a source or flowing block of water, any water-logged block, or any bubble column.



Placing a Floater by pressing the use button while holding it in your hand will also cause the user to automatically mount it. However, Floaters with no passengers on them can still be interacted with to mount them.


A Floater can be exited from by sneaking. When exiting, the player will simply be placed at the exact location the Floater was positioned at, at the moment of sneaking.


Floaters will be unaffected by the mouse and keyboard controls of a player.

As their name suggests, Floaters will only float upward by themselves. If wanting a Floater to be moved any different direction, an external force must be applied to it.



Floaters will normally travel at speeds of 17.0 blocks/s through water, but this speed is affected by forces such as downward flowing water or even bubble columns. This speed is unaffected by passengers however.

When Floaters are rapidly ascending through water, it will leave an aesthetic trail of bubble particles behind.


Unlike boats or minecarts, Floaters do not have health and are instead destroyed when out of water for 0.25 seconds.

When a Floater is destroyed, it will only create simple particles and leave nothing behind.


As Floaters are entities, they have a collision box that can collide with blocks. This means that Floaters can permanently become stuck underneath blocks and never despawn.

Floaters will however bypass through and remain unaffected by the collison boxes from other entities.


1.0.0 Introduced.