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A unique melee weapon obtained through trading with Deep One Knights. It is similar to a trident, in that it is a melee weapon with a right click ability.


On its own, the Ortholance does 6 damage. After holding right click, release to send yourself flying like with a trident enchanted with Riptide. However unlike a trident, a right click launch also sends out waves as you travel. The waves deal more knockback than the charge. The Ortholance charge works in and out of water.


All weapons and tools added by Alex's Caves have unique enchantments that exclusively only apply for them. Unlike regular enchantments, these ones do not increase the pool of enchantments you can receive from trading or chest loot, and instead can only be obtained from enchanting the exclusive item they apply to in an Enchanting Table.

The Ortholance has 4 exclusive enchantments.

Second Wave

Summons a Second Wave when charged attack is used.


Summons a tsunami when the charged attack is used, it deals an additional 6 damage.


Charged attack launches the player farther.

Sea Swing

Summon 1 small aoe wave that does 2 additional damage every time you use the melee attack.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.0 Added enchantments Second Wave, Tsunami, Flinging, and Sea Swing to the Ortholance.