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The Cave Compendium is a craftable guide book covering general content about Alex's Caves, along with a section for every new biome added by the mod.


Underground Cabins

A Cave Compendium roughly has a 50% chance to be found in a loot chest or barrel in an underground cabin. All underground cabins contain one loot chest or barrel each, and only a maximum of 1 compendium can be found each cabin.

The animation of opening a Cave Compendium
The first 2 pages of the Cave Compendium with all sections unlocked
The primordial caves biome section with all chapters unlocked.


Cave Compendiums can also be crafted from 1 book, 1 gold nugget and a Cave Tablet.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Book +
Gold Nugget +
Cave Tablet
Cave Tablet
Cave Compendium



Caves Compendiums provides insightful documentation about the general content Alex's Caves has to offer, such as information on the biomes, mobs, and progression this mod adds. To use this book, holding and using will cause it to open on your screen. From there, simply hovering your cursor over or past the side of a page will cause it to play a swaying animation if there is another page before or after it. This animation indicates that the page is ready to flip over to the previous/next page by pressing any mouse button.

Unlocking information

In the Cave Compendium, there are 5 sections about each biome this mod adds. However, these sections first need to be unlocked with the use of their corresponding type of cave codex. Luckily, flipping to the next few pages will tell you how to obtain a cave codex and how to get started finding these rare cave biomes.

Sections and chapters

If a unique type of cave codex has been used for the first time, the matching section and Introduction chapter of the codex will be unlocked in the Cave Compendium.

From there is where you can unlock 3 more chapters in the same section with the use of 3 extra cave codices of the same type. The extra chapters you can unlock are labelled and write about the Resources, Inhabitants, and Utilities each biome has to offer.


If the used Cave Codex pertains to the Primordial Caves or Toxic Caves, one extra codex can be used to unlock further information in previously unlocked chapters about their corresponding biome.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.1 Added missing Underzealot entry in Cave Compendium.
1.0.9 Added config toggle for quicker filling out of the Cave Compendium.
Fixed incorrect description of Primordial Armor in Cave Compendium.
1.1.0 Now displays secret information when an extra codex matching the Primordial Caves or Toxic Caves is used.