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A Glow Ink Bomb is a special variant of Ink Bomb that leaves a blinding and glow-inflicting area of effect cloud on every solid surface or entity it hits. Like snowballs, they can hit mobs but do not damage to them on impact.



2-5 Glow Ink Bombs can be obtained from bartering with a Deep One Mage, which has a 8.03% chance to place it on an Abyssal Altar in exchange for a Pearl.



Holding an Glow Ink Bomb and pressing your use button will throw it, consuming it in the process. There is no charging time or cooldown for firing them, meaning they can be thrown as fast as the player can click.

Similarly to other projectiles, they are affected by gravity. However, they are not thrown nearly as far as snowballs or eggs, but are still thrown further than splash potions. They're also thrown with a more upward trajectory similar to that of a Cinder Brick.

If a Glow Ink Bomb comes into contact with a mob, it will deal no damage but will receive knockback as if they were being damaged. Mobs hit with a Glow Ink Bomb will also be inflicted with blindness for 5 seconds unless they are immune to status effects. Strangely however, mobs hit directly from a Glow Ink Bomb will not be inflicted with glowing.

If a Glow Ink Bomb comes into contact with any solid block or hittable entity, it will summon an area of effect cloud. This area of effect cloud will emit glow squid ink particles and will inflict any mobs that walk inside it with blindness for 5 seconds and glowing for 15 seconds. When first created, the cloud will take 1 second to form and reach a 2 block radius. After forming, it will rapidly shrink until dissipating entirely in approximately 3 seconds.

When fighting the ender dragon, end crystals are able to be destroyed by Glow Ink Bombs thrown at them.

Glow Ink Bombs, like other projectiles, can be used to distract a warden. A warden walks towards the location where the bomb lands, inspecting it, giving time for the player to escape. However, other projectiles are much more recommended for this purpose, due to the limited range of a thrown Glow Ink Bomb.


Glow Ink Bombs can be fired from dispensers at a range further than the player can throw. The range a Glow Ink Bomb is thrown from a dispenser is similar to that of a snowball or egg launched from a dispenser.


1.0.0 Introduced.