Sea Glass Shards

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Sea Glass Shards is an extremely common item found around the Abyssal Chasm used to create glass type blocks.


Deep One Trading

Each of the Deep One's can give 4-8 Sea Glass Shards uncommonly from trading.

Mob Loot

The Hullbreaker can drop 2-5 Sea Glass Shards upon death.


Occasionally while mining Muck a Sea Glass Shard can be dropped.


Crafting Ingredient

5 Sea Glass Shards can be combined with 4 Iron Ingots to create Depth Glass, or can be crafted into the normal Glass block.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Sea Glass Shards +
Iron Ingot
Sea Glass Shards
Sea Glass ShardsSea Glass ShardsSea Glass ShardsSea Glass Shards


1.0.0 Introduced.