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A Pewen Boat is a variant of boat that exclusively uses Pewen Planks in its crafting recipe. Just like bamboo rafts and Thornwood Boats, they look rather different when compared to other boats but function almost identically.


Just like regular boats, Pewen Boats can be retrieved from the ground by hitting them repeatedly until they drop as an item.

Tools and weapons that deal more than 4♥♥ damage will instantly destroy a Pewen Boat.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Pewen Planks
Pewen PlanksPewen PlanksPewen PlanksPewen PlanksPewen Planks
Pewen Boat


Pewen Boats can be used for the transportation of players and mobs and as fuel but cannot be sold for emeralds as there is no outfit for a villager exclusive to the Primordial Caves.


Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Pewen Boat with Chest Chest +
Pewen Boat
Pewen Boat
Pewen Chest Boat


A Pewen Boat used as fuel in a furnace lasts 60 seconds, smelting up to 6 items.


Pewen Boats are used as transport just like any other boat. (To learn how to use a boat, go to: mcw:Boat#Transportation).


Pewen Boats have identical behaviors to regular boats. (To see all behaviors of a boat, go to: mcw:Boat#Behavior).


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.6 Fixed Pewen Boats dropping Oak Boats when broken.