Ominous Catalyst

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The Ominous Catalyst is an extremely mysterious item used to awaken the powerful Luxtructosaurus when thrown near a Volcanic Core. Unlike most other items, it is immune from being destroyed by fire and lava.



Ominous Catalysts are crafted from 8 Heavy Bones and an Amber Curiosity.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ominous Catalyst Amber Curiosity +
Heavy Bone
Heavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneAmber CuriosityHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy BoneHeavy Bone
Ominous Catalyst



If an Ominous Catalyst is thrown in an cubic area spanning 20 blocks in all horizontal directions, 98 blocks up, or 8 blocks down from an active Volcanic Core, it will be pulled towards it in a straight path. Due to its straight pathing however, if a block obstructs the core's pull of the Ominous Catalyst, it will become stuck and unable to clear the obstruction.

If being within 1 block of the an active Volcanic Core, it will immediately despawn and summon the Luxtructosaurus - making a devastating battle ensue.


1.1.0 Introduced.


  • Strangely, Ominous Catalysts are held in your hands like how a sword would when viewed in third-person. Thus, the item is bigger in your hand and held vertically.