Potion of Magnetizing

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A Potion of Magnetizing is a bottled substance that inflicts the Magnetizing effect. It is created by brewing a Ferrouslimeball and an awkward potion.



A non-extended potion of magnetizing lasts 3:00 minutes.

Ingredients Brewing recipe
Awkward Potion +


Potion of Magnetizing



Potions of Magnetizing can be drank by holding the use button to inflict the user with the Magnetizing effect for the amount of time shown on its item tooltip. After the potion inflicts its status effect, it will be empty and leave a glass bottle behind.

If a Potion of Magnetizing is drank but the user is already under the effects of Magnetizing, it will simply resets the effect's duration. (To see more about the Magnetizing effect itself, go to: Magnetizing).


Potions of Magnetizing can be modified in two different ways.

  1. Adding redstone dust extends the duration from 3:00 minutes to 8:00 minutes.
  2. Brewing gunpowder turns the potion into a Splash Potion of Magnetizing.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.1.2 Fixed Potion of Magnetizing being brewable with any potion as a base.