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Deep One Mages are common neutral aquatic mobs found in the Abyssal Chasm. They are Deep One-like mobs that are capable of using ranged water attacks to fight enemies, in addition to using bubbles to float when above the water.

Cave Compendium Entry

"The Deep One Mage is the third species of Deep One, and distantly related to the others. Yet they still fulfill an invaluable role in the Deep One society - Mages have control over powerful water magic. Like all Deep Ones, they share the same opinion of outsiders. Channeling the Heart of the Sea buried in their heads, these Deep Ones can summon bolts of water to pummel enemies from afar with. To voyage out of water they can summon a bubble full of water to allow them to levitate. They can also bring forth a barrage of waves to damage multiple attackers at once. Some of the Deep One Mage's attacks will trap foes in a giant bubble of water, which can drown land dwellers. Like all Deep Ones, Mages have their own unique set of items they can exchange at an Abyssal Altar. These range from common ocean items to rarer and magical ones, such as nautilus shells, bottles of enchanting and even the Sea Staff itself."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Deep One Mages can spawn anywhere in the Abyssal Chasm.


Deep One Mages will freely swim about in a random fashion, occasionally diving to the bottom of the water. They are usually 2.5 blocks tall and 1.35 blocks wide, but narrow to a height of 1.5 blocks and width of 1.2 blocks when swimming. Like other Deep Ones, they can also leave the water, encasing themselves in a bubble that grants them the ability to fly upon doing so - if not interacting with players or other mobs, however, they will stay in place, floating 0.5 blocks up and down.

Should a player or another mob hit a Deep One Mage, it and all other Deep One Mages within a 10-block radius will retaliate against them, as will any nearby Deep Ones and Deep One Knights; once provoked, they will remain hostile until their target dies or exits their detection range. Any submarines that are targeted by Deep One Mages within a 16-block radius will start emitting sonar pings while causing their control panel to pulse.

When attacking, a Deep One Mage will chase its target while emitting harsh clinking sounds, strafing around in circular patterns it gets within 2 blocks of them. Once it gets within 19 blocks of them, it will raise its arms while creating blue magic particles from them and emitting a warbling chime before swinging them downwards to cast a magic attack every 1.5 seconds. Deep One Mages will usually cast a water bolt that arcs towards its target, creates a large splash upon hitting the ground, deals 3♥♥ damage, and has a chance to inflict Bubbled for 10 seconds upon hitting a target outside of water - occasionally, however, they may cast 5 waves that move outwards in a fan pattern, deal 5♥♥♥ damage, and crash downwards either immediately upon hitting a target or half a second after overshooting. When a Deep One Mage directly reaches its target, it will spin around with its tentacles for 3.5 seconds, dealing 4♥♥ damage on contact for the duration of the attack - after performing this attack, it will be unable to perform it again for a minimum of 50 seconds.

Resistances and weaknesses

As inhabitants of the Abyssal Chasm, Deep One Mages do not sink in muck. Due to their use of bubbles for traveling out of the water, they are also unaffected by the Bubbled status effect.

As aquatic mobs, Deep One Mages take extra damage from the Impaling enchantment.


Players are capable of bartering with Deep One Mages via an Abyssal Altar. If a player puts a Pearl or Heart of the Sea on an Abyssal Altar, all Deep One Mages within a 64-block radius will move towards it - upon reaching the Abyssal Altar, a Deep One Mage will grab the offering off of it and inspect it for 2.5 seconds while emitting a soft chime before placing an item of their own, activating it.

Below is a list of items that Deep One Mages can give when bartering.

Item Roll Chance (Values Rounded) Quantity
Raw gold.png Raw Gold 3.34% 1-2
Diamond.png Diamond 2% 1
Nautilus shell.png Nautilus Shell 1% 1
Sea staff.png Sea Staff 4.01% 1
Bottle enchant.png Bottle o' Enchanting 6.69% 2-4
Prismarine shard.png Prismarine Shard 16.7% 6-12
Prismarine crystals.png Prismarine Crystals 10.0% 6-12
Prismarine.png Prismarine 20.1% 10-13
Dark Prismarine.png Dark Prismarine 8.36% 5-10
Lapis.png Lapis Lazuli 5.02% 2-7
Ebook.png Depth Strider I-III 1% 1
Ebook.png Respiration I-III 1% 1
Wbreath.png Potion Of Water Breathing 6.69% 1
Nvision.png Potion Of Night Vision 5.02% 1
Glow ink bomb.png Glow Ink Bomb 8.03% 2-5
Sea glass Shards.png Sea Glass Shards 1% 4-8


Main article: Deep One

Deep One Mages will react to players depending on their reputation. Initially, the player will have a reputation of 0, but it can change as a result of various actions they take, ranging from -100 to 100.

If close to a player for 3 seconds while in its stalking state, a Deep One Mage will not throw an Ink Bomb at a player, swaying from side to side while waving its arms about and creating blue magic particles before swinging its arms downwards and disappearing in a puff of blue magic and conduit particles instead.


Using a Magic Conch summons a single Deep One Mage, which rises from the ground with a large splash of water. Summoned Deep One Mages will always be helpful towards the player who summoned them, regardless of their reputation - however, the summoner can still cause their reputation to decrease by attacking a summoned Deep One Mage. After a minute, it will sink back into the ground with a large splash of water and despawn.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.4 No longer causes a player's reputation to decrease if damaged by the Thorns enchantment.
1.0.6 Bartering loot tables have been improved.
Now aggressive towards all players by default, due to a bug.
1.0.8 Fixed a bug where it was aggressive towards all players by default.
1.1.0 Fixed a bug where summoned Deep One Mages would attack the player who summoned them if they damaged themself.


  • Deep One Mages differ greatly from Deep Ones and Deep One Knights in a number of ways:
    • While Deep Ones and Deep One Knights resemble humanoid fish, Deep One Mages resemble a more fantastical version of the Portuguese man o' war, with thick, squid-like arms and tentacles in addition to 3 pairs of small, yellow-green eyes at the front of their pneumatophores.
    • Deep One Mages lack the guttural vocalizations of their counterparts, emitting bell-like chimes similarly to gossamer worms instead.
    • Deep One Mages cannot walk around on land like their counterparts can, and thus need to encase themselves in a bubble in order to fly around when outside of water.
    • Deep One Mages do not need to throw Ink Bombs at players before disappearing like their counterparts do - due to this, they also do not cause the player's reputation to decrease.
  • At one point, Deep One Mages were originally planned to resemble nautili - this was changed, however.
  • Deep One Mages were originally able to give the Magic Conch during bartering - however, this was only a feature in beta versions, and was never included on release.
  • Since they are counted as monsters, Deep One Mages will despawn on Peaceful.