Abyssal Altar

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Scattered around the Abyssal Chasms are monolithic structures made of Abyssmarine and Sea Lanterns, called Deep Monoliths. Atop the monoliths sits a Abyssal Altar, a key part of the Abyssal Chasms.

Abyssal Altars are interactive, and can hold a single item. If a Pearl is placed upon the altar and any of the 'Deep Ones race' see it, they will swim over to the alter and pick up the Pearl. They will inspect it, then place an item on the alter in return, lighting up the cracks on the Abyssal Altar with strange white lines. A successful trade will slightly increase your reputation with the 'Deep Ones race'.

Abyssal Alters can be crafted from a Pearl and 4 Abyssmarine.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Abyssal Altar Abyssmarine + Pearl
  • Any item can be placed upon the Abyssal Alter for trading, but the 'Deep Ones race' will only accept Pearls.