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Magnetrons are rare hostile mobs found in the Magnetic Caves. Upon spotting a foe, they will construct a body made out of blocks for themselves, greatly enhancing their strength.

Cave Compendium Entry

"The Magnetron is an uncommon, powerful being encountered in the Magnetic Caves. This monster was once a machine created to help extract resources from this place, although the fate of its makers are unknown. Magnetrons keep a deceptive low profile before initiating combat, slowly rolling around on their central heart. However, if an intruder is detected, the Magnetron will begin to form a giant body around itself using nearby blocks. The electromagnetic properties of this monster are fully visible during the process as lightning arches between each block making up its body. The blocks that make up its new body are important - Magnetrons will favor magnetic blocks over inert ones. If a sawmill or an anvil is nearby, these will be incorporated into its body as weapons, and increase the damage dealt by the monster. Once defeated, the Magnetron will fall apart and its many blocks will disperse. But what will also fall down as a block is its Heart of Iron..."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Magnetrons can spawn anywhere in the Magnetic Caves.


On death, Magnetrons will leave behind a Heart of Iron. The Heart of Iron is placed as a block rather than dropped as an item, so the Looting enchantment will not affect its drop rate. Any blocks a Magnetron was using for its body will also be placed on the ground upon death.


Magnetrons will attack any player within a 32-block radius. When idle or initially chasing down targets, a Magnetron will roll around on its Heart of Iron. However, when within 8 blocks of a target, it will immediately dash towards them while firing off red and blue lightning, pulling in 10 blocks to assemble a body. Magnetrons will use any kind of block for their body, with the exception of barriers, bedrock, command blocks, End portal blocks, End gateway blocks, jigsaw blocks, lights, moving pistons, reinforced deepslate, structure blocks, Volcanic Cores, budding amethyst, amethyst clusters, or sulfur clusters - even transparent blocks such as grass can be used. However, they will prioritize metallic blocks over other kinds - in addition to this, they will prioritize any nearby anvils, stonecutters, or magnets, always using them as weaponized hands. If /gamerule mobGriefing is false, they will not remove blocks from the terrain while forming a body.

Below is a list of blocks that Magnetrons will prioritize for their body (not counting the aforementioned weapons).

After forming a body, Magnetrons will start slowly walking towards targets, making loud clanking noises while doing so. In addition to becoming physically larger, they start to take 100% less knockback and become able to step up 3 full blocks without jumping. Upon reaching a target, a Magnetron will usually punch at them with their left or right hand; occasionally, however, it may slam both hands into the ground, launching them into the air upon direct hit. In addition to the player, a Magnetron can damage other hostile mobs with its block strikes, causing them to retaliate against it - should they successfully damage it by hitting its head or Heart of Iron, it will start attacking them, switching back to the player once its previous target is dead. If a Magnetron uses a weaponized block as one of its hands, it will turn it forward to deal extra damage - how much damage a Magnetron does depends on what weapons it is using.

  • If a Magnetron uses an anvil as one of its hands, it will deal 8♥♥♥♥ damage with every attack from it.
  • If a Magnetron uses a stonecutter as one of its hands, it will deal 6♥♥♥ damage with every attack from it.
  • If a Magnetron uses a magnet as one of its hands, it will deal 4♥♥ damage with every attack from it.

Being multi-part mobs, Magnetrons will only take knockback if hit on the head.

Magnetrons are immune to the Magnetizing effect.

Upon death, all of the Magnetron's blocks, alongside its Heart of Iron, will drop to the ground. If near Azure Neodymium, the blocks will fly outwards before dropping; if near Scarlet Neodymium, the blocks will fly towards it instead. If /gamerule mobGriefing is false, only the Magnetron's Heart of Iron will drop to the ground.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.6 Fixed a bug where it would not leave behind a Heart of Iron when killed by a Galena Gauntlet.
1.1.2 No longer attacks Husks.
1.1.3 No longer capable of using budding amethyst for its body.
Fixed a bug where it would sink 1 block into the ground when below y=0.
1.1.4 Fixed a bug where it would always build its body out of stone.


  • Magnetrons were one of the first mobs conceptualized for Alex's Caves, in addition to being the second to be added to the mod.
  • Magnetrons are similar to golems from the Mo' Creatures mod, being robotic monsters that assemble bodies out of nearby blocks upon spotting foes.
  • If a Magnetron tries to assemble its body with blocks it cannot use, it will assemble its body out of air instead.
  • Since a Magnetron's block strikes seemingly involves it swinging its blocks forward while turning them into active damage sources, players can evade them by building upwards.
    • However, this also means it can hit players multiple times in a row with a single strike.
  • Interestingly enough, Magnetrons only cause shields to lose durability with every blocked attack if they are using weaponized blocks.
  • Due to code left over from testing, Magnetrons used to attack Husks on sight. This was later removed.