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Cave Biome Maps are a new kind of illustrated map added by Alex's Caves that point towards the nearest rare cave biome depending on what Cave Codex was used to craft them.



Cave Biome Maps can only be obtained by crafting with a Cave Codex and eight paper. It will lead to the biome displayed on the codex used to craft it.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Paper +
Cave Codex
Cave Codex
Cave Map



Cave biome map in the process of scanning for a rare cave biome.

When a Cave Biome Map is first crafted, it will be empty. The map must then be held and used for it to start scanning a 10,000 block radius for it's targeted biome. The targeted biome will be displayed in the item's tooltip.

Since Cave Biome Maps scan such a massive area around its user, they can take up to a few minutes to find their target cave biome, if at all. If their targeted biome is not found, the map will not be filled out and can be used again, hopefully successfully if used far enough away from the previous location. It will alert the user in chat about its failed attempt.

Cave Biome Maps are displayed like regular maps inside item frames. However, they cannot be zoomed out, cloned, used within a cartography table, or marked with banners.

Map content

A filled out cave biome map leading to a rather large Toxic Caves biome

When a Cave Biome Map is filled out, it will show the location and surrounding areas of the targeted biome, with it and other biomes nearby being labelled on the map. Instead of there being any colored pixels representing blocks, it instead shows certain patterns and designs each representing different biomes of the overworld. For example, a Cave Biome Map happening to map out an ocean biome will display a pattern of tidal waves, instead of the usual blue pixels representing the water.

Player arrow

When a Cave Biome Map is filled out, an arrow marking the player's position and rotation is drawn. Unlike a regular map, this player arrow updates quickly and smoothly, and always shows the direction the user is facing no matter how far away they are from the targeted location.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.7 Fixed server packet crash with Cave Biome Maps.
1.0.9 Fixed removing biome mods making Cave Biome Maps crash.
1.1.0 Fixed Cave Biome Maps not working on servers.
Fixed Cave Biome Maps never timing out.
1.1.1 Fixed Cave Biome Maps not working on servers if used by players other than administrator.
1.1.3 Cave Biome Maps now regenerate if lead to an incorrect biome.
Cave Biome Maps now render in third person.