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Tripodfish are common bucketable passive aquatic mobs found in the Abyssal Chasm.

Cave Compendium Entry

"The Tripodfish is a bizzare fish found near the seafloor of the Abyssal Caves. Although they are decent swimmers, they can often be spotted resting above the seafloor on 3 large spines emerging from their fins. Tripodfish can be captured with a bucket of water, and if slain they can drop themselves. They can be cooked for a heartier meal."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Tripodfish spawn above muck blocks underwater in the Abyssal Chasm in groups of 1-2.


On death

Item Roll Chance Quantity (Default) Quantity (Looting I) Quantity (Looting II) Quantity (Looting III)
Tripodfish item.png Tripodfish [1] 100% 1 1 1 1
  1. Dropped as Tripodfish cooked.png Cooked Tripodfish if on fire when killed.


Tripodfish will freely swim about in a random fashion, occasionally diving to the bottom of the water to stand on their fins for 15 seconds. They are usually 0.5 blocks tall, but extend to a height of 1.5 blocks when standing. A tripodfish will always dive to the bottom if it spends more than 15 seconds swimming freely.

If attacked by a player or another mob, tripodfish will flee from their attacker for 2 seconds.

Tripodfish cannot survive outside of water. If outside of water, they will flop around on their sides in an attempt to jump back in, taking 2♥ suffocation damage every second after 15 seconds.

Players can pick up tripodfish with a water bucket, giving them a bucket of tripodfish. Tripodfish placed with buckets do not despawn naturally. When a bucket of tripodfish is used against a block, it empties the bucket, placing water with that tripodfish swimming in it.

As inhabitants of the Abyssal Chasm, tripodfish do not sink in muck.


1.0.0 Introduced.


  • Tripodfish are a part of the five mobs that had their texture changed between their implementation and the mod's release.
  • Tripodfish are classified as "deep sea creatures" - they are functionally very similar to underground aquatic animals like the Glow Squid, but can only spawn in the Abyssal Chasm.
  • Tripodfish use similar sounds to the vanilla fish, albeit slightly pitched down.