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Lanternfish are common bucketable passive aquatic mobs found in the Abyssal Chasm. They swim around in massive schools, and rise from the depths to swim near the surface during the night.

Cave Compendium Entry

"The Lanternfish is the smallest fish found in the Abyssal Chasm, yet it makes up for its diminutive size for the large shoals of them that spawn throughout the waters of this biome. Like a few other deep sea species, this animal has light emitting spots on its body, which help distinguish it from the dark depths. Lanternfish shoals move closer to the surface at night, making them a convenient way to find Abyssal Chasms. If slain, a Lanternfish will drop itself, and can be cooked for a meager snack. They can also be captured in a Bucket of Water."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Lanternfish can spawn anywhere in the Abyssal Chasm in groups of 15-20.


On death

Item Roll Chance Quantity (Default) Quantity (Looting I) Quantity (Looting II) Quantity (Looting III)
Lanternfish item.png Lanternfish [1] 100% 1 1 1 1
  1. Dropped as Lanternfish cooked.png Cooked Lanternfish if on fire when killed.


Lanternfish often swim around in schools (up to a maximum of 20). After a minimum of 15 seconds, they may occasionally circle around each other for 5 seconds.

During the day, lanternfish will swim near the seafloor of the Abyssal Chasm. At night, however, they will swim closer to the surface of the ocean.

Lanternfish cannot survive outside of water. If outside of water, they will flop around in an attempt to jump back in, instantly dying after 10 seconds.

Players can pick up lanternfish with a water bucket, giving them a bucket of lanternfish. Lanternfish placed with buckets do not despawn naturally. When a bucket of lanternfish is used against a block, it empties the bucket, placing water with that lanternfish swimming in it.

As inhabitants of the Abyssal Chasm, lanternfish do not sink in muck.


1.0.0 Introduced.


  • Lanternfish were the first mob revealed for the Abyssal Chasm.
  • Lanternfish use similar sounds to the vanilla fish, albeit slightly sped up.