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Forsaken are large hostile mobs that can spawn from Underzealot sacrificial rituals. They are powerful monsters that fight foes with sonic waves in addition to a variety of melee strikes from their upper arms, and can leap around to reposition.

Cave Compendium Entry

"Forsaken are by far the most powerful monster to be found in the Forlorn Hollows, although they are only created when Underzealots perform a ritual on a Vesper. They are hostile towards almost anything that is not of the Forlorn Hollows, and will attempt to eat as many Gloomoths as possible. Imbued with some of the most potent dark magic, Forsaken have a vast array of attacks they use to quickly dispatch prey. This includes using their large upper arms to smash the ground beneath them, slash at prey or even lift and bring the prey to their mouth for a killer bite. Forsaken can also emit a long range sonic blast with incredible reach, and a short range sonic blast that damages all hostiles in close range. These sonic blasts deal extra damage towards monsters that utilize sound, such as the Warden. When brought down to low health, the Forsaken's shadowy magical aspects will become readily apparent as it becomes pitch black, except for its red eyes. Donning this shadow state, the Forsaken will rapidly heal as long as it is out of direct light. If slain, the Forsaken will drop multitudes of Pure Darkness..."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Forsaken spawn after 4 or more Underzealots sacrifice a Vesper during a ritual.

For more information on this process, see Underzealot.


On death

Item Roll Chance Quantity
Darkness.png Pure Darkness 100% 7-12


Forsaken will attack any players within a 64-block radius, in addition to any kind of mob except bats, Underzealots, Watchers, Corrodents, Vespers, and other Forsaken - even when provoked, they will not attack the very latter. When idle, they will aimlessly walk around at a slow pace while wiggling their ears every so often and dripping saliva from their mouths. Occasionally, they may crouch down for 0.75 seconds before leaping forward - an idle Forsaken can leap up to a distance of 10 blocks vertically and 25 blocks horizontally. Upon taking damage, Forsaken will destroy any blocks - with the exception of barriers, bedrock, command blocks, End portal blocks, End gateway blocks, jigsaw blocks, lights, moving pistons, reinforced deepslate, structure blocks, and Volcanic Cores - within a 3×4×3 area around themselves, making suffocation ineffective in most circumstances; if /gamerule mobGriefing is false, they will be unable to destroy blocks.

As beasts of the Forlorn Hollows, Forsaken will attack any mobs that get hit with Moth Dust within a 32-block radius.

Combat maneuvers

During combat, a Forsaken will run towards its target - becoming able to step up one full block without having to jump when doing so - and will use any of the following attacks:

  • Bite: When close to its target, a Forsaken will emit a harsh growl and quickly bite at a target, dealing 10♥♥♥♥♥ damage.
  • Ground Smash: When close to its target, a Forsaken will quickly spread its upper arms out before slamming them into the ground, dealing 8♥♥♥♥ damage to all nearby targets and launching them into the air upon direct hit in addition to causing the screen to shake for all players on the ground within 20 blocks of the Forsaken.
  • Slash: When close to its target, a Forsaken will lower its left or right upper arm before swiping at them with it, dealing 8♥♥♥♥ damage and knocking them 3 blocks in the direction it swiped upon direct hit.
  • Grab: When close to a target 2 blocks in height or less, a Forsaken will grab them in its left or right upper hand with an audible thud, lift them off the ground, and lower them towards its head before taking a bite out of them, dealing 12♥ × 6 damage every half a second for 1 second.
  • Sonic Blast: When close to its target, a Forsaken will raise its head and wave it about while howling, firing large sonic waves into the ground around it for 1 second. These sonic waves usually deal 3♥♥ damage to all targets within an 8-block radius every 0.25 seconds in addition to causing the screen to shake for all players on the ground within 20 blocks of the Forsaken - if a Warden is caught in the sonic waves, it will receive 29 HP of damage instead.
  • Sonic Screech: When more than 10 blocks away from its target, a Forsaken will lower its head to screech, firing small sonic waves at them for 1 second. These sonic waves usually deal 4♥♥ damage every 0.25 seconds in addition to causing the screen to shake for all players on the ground within 20 blocks of the Forsaken - if a Warden is caught in the sonic waves, it will receive 45 HP of damage instead.

In addition to using the above attacks, a Forsaken will leap around a target. When more than 30 blocks away from its target, it will leap towards their position. After attacking them at least once, it will leap away from them to retreat - when retreating, a Forsaken can leap up to a distance of 20 blocks vertically and 10 blocks horizontally.

Darkness state

If below 50% HP (125♥ × 62.5) and at a light level of 7 or less, a Forsaken will enter its darkness state. When in this state, it will turn pitch-black and create black smoke and grey magic particles from its body while slowly regenerating health, exiting once it reaches 50% HP. If it reaches a light level of 8 or more, it will exit the darkness state after 1.5 seconds, immediately re-entering once it returns to a lower light level.


Forsaken are immune to fall damage and take 60% less knockback in addition to 50% less damage from Iron Golems. They are also immune to the Warden's sonic boom attack, and will immediately use a sonic blast or sonic screech attack (depending on how far it is from the Warden) if hit by it.

Due to their status as a prime vessel for the Dark God, Forsaken cannot be possessed by the Totem of Possession.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.4 Now takes 60% less knockback.
Now takes 50% less damage from Iron Golems.
Now moves faster in water.


  • Forsaken were the first mob revealed for the Forlorn Hollows in the form of concept art, but were the last to be coded in.
    • By extension, Forsaken were one of the first mobs conceptualized for Alex's Caves, but the last to be added to the first release.
    • Prior to being coded in, the Forsaken was referred to as the Idol - however, Alexthe666 was not fond of that name - since it did not convey the same sense of power that mob names such as "Tremorsaurus", "Hullbreaker", or "Luxtructosaurus" had - and wanted it changed. Eventually, the name "Forsaken" was settled upon, to reflect the monster's new in-lore status as a false idol.
      • During the "Idol" concept phase, the Forsaken would have been a natural spawn that reacted to the amount of torches a player would place.
  • The Cave Compendium entry for the Forsaken lists slightly inaccurate stats - all of the Forsaken's melee attacks deal more than 6♥♥♥ damage.
  • Forsaken are one of the few mobs in the mod to be animated with inverse kinematics - their legs will shift upwards or downwards to appear as if they are always touching a block.
  • Forsaken were the first miniboss added to Alex's Caves, and are currently the only one in the mod.
  • Despite Forsaken being immune to the Warden's sonic boom and dealing extra damage to it with their own sonic waves, a Forsaken will always die to a Warden if both fight each other one-on-one at full health.