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Boundroids are common hostile mobs found in the Magnetic Caves. They are composite mobs that hang from quadrupedal winches which crawl across cave ceilings in pursuit of targets, slamming down on them once they get in range.

Cave Compendium Entry

"What appears to be one creature is actually a mechanical being composed of two separate parts - a head and a walking winch, bound by a chain. This composite creature is known as the Boundroid. Of all the denizens of the Magnetic Caves, the Boundroid is the one most likely to sneak up on its hapless prey. This being is usually found clinging to the ceiling of the subterranean biome, with its head dragging below on a chain. If a target is spotted, the Boundroid will attempt to clamber to above the target's position and quickly slam down to the ground to deal damage. This attack is strong; but does leave the Boundroid open to attack. If the winch of the Boundroid is shot at while it is on the ceiling, the whole composite creature will fall to the ground, shaking in fear. However, it will quickly attempt to leap pack [sic] up to the ceiling. When slain, the Boundroid drops a few of its chains and a Heavyweight..."

- Dr. Prof. Alexander Caverns, PhD.


Boundroids can spawn anywhere in the Magnetic Caves in groups of 1-2.


On death

Item Roll Chance Quantity (Default) Quantity (Looting I) Quantity (Looting II) Quantity (Looting III)
Grid Heavyweight.png Heavyweight 100% 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4
Chain.png Chain 100% 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6


Boundroids will attack any player within a 32-block radius. When idle, they will hang from their winch as it walks across the ceiling, causing them to dangle back and forth with loud clinking noises - occasionally, the winch will momentarily drop to the ground before jumping back onto the ceiling.

When a Boundroid is attacking, its winch will walk towards its target's position. As soon as the winch gets directly above them, the Boundroid will drop down on them, hitting the ground with a loud thud and dealing damage upon direct hit. After half a second, it will pull itself back towards the ceiling for at least 2 seconds before repeating the process. In addition to the player, a Boundroid can damage other hostile mobs with its slam, causing them to retaliate against it - should they successfully damage it as it pulls itself back up, it will start attacking them, switching back to the player once its previous target is dead.

If a Boundroid's winch takes any sort of damage, the entire mob will fall off the ceiling - however, it is immune to fall damage, so it will not take any damage upon landing. Once on the ground, the Boundroid's eyes will widen, it will begin to tremble in fear, and its winch will crawl around aimlessly for at least 3 seconds - during this time, it will be unable to attack targets. Eventually, it will jump onto the ceiling and switch back to a neutral facial expression.

If a Boundroid does not touch a ceiling while jumping upwards, it will continue to rise for 2 seconds before falling back down to the ground.

Boundroids are immune to the Magnetizing effect.


1.0.0 Introduced.
1.0.1 Fixed a bug where it would jump into space when aboveground.


  • Boundroids were the 3rd mob to be added to the Magnetic Caves, being coded in after the first 6 mobs of the Primordial Caves were added.