Primal Magma

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Primal Magma is a block the only generates in volcano structures, which generates in Primordial Caves. Primal Magma is found in two states depending on where It's found.

Inactive Primal Magma is found on the outside of the volacano alongside Flood Basalt, and acts like regular magma with the addition of setting the Player on fire.

Active Primal Magma appears in the volcanos caldera. It acts as powdered snow, trapping the player inside it, while also acting as lava. When the Luxtructosaurus is summoned, all Inactive Primal Magma becomes Active, and the undead beast will rain meteors made of Primal Magma onto the cavern floor.

The Luxtructosaurus standing infront of an active Volcano in a wartorn Primordial cave.

When the Undead Reptile is slain, all Primal magma summoned by it will deactivate, and eventually disappear, welcoming the arrival of Atlatitan's.