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Underground Cabins are small structures found under the surface in the Overworld Dimension. They are the best source of Cave Tablets and the only source of a Spelunkery Table.


Cabins can spawn in all Overworld biomes, except those in the biome tag alexscaves:has_no_underground_cabins, which includes all Alex's Caves biomes by default. Underground cabins has a separation value of 2 and a spacing value of 10, making them relatively common structures. They can spawn anywhere between 14 blocks beneath the world surface to Y=-61, although Underground Cabins will attempt to generate with cave access if the center of the generation point contains a cave.


cabin loot
A Mineshaft's chest's content, which has a 10% chance to contain a map to a nearby cabin.

Due to their subterranean and unpredictable generation, locating multiple Underground cabins can be difficult to do by only exploring nearby caves. Thus, Underground Cabin Maps can be found rarely within Mineshaft Chests, and can be bought off of certain Cartographer Villagers. These maps will point towards the nearest undiscovered Underground cabin.


There are currently 7 possible variants of Underground Cabin, each with a distinct look. All Underground Cabins incorporate Oak Planks, Cobblestone or Stone, just as mineshafts do. Cabins always spawn missing some of their wood blocks and with some cobblestone replaced with mossy cobblestone. Regardless of variant, an Underground cabin will always have one barrel filled with loot and one Spelunkery Table.


cabin loot
Typical contents of a barrel in a cabin.

The chest inside an underground cabin will contain a mixture of Cave Tablets and other common loot. Anywhere from 3-12 of these tablets will generate in a single barrel, and they will all pertain to the same Cave Biome if found together.

Although it does not generate inside a container, the Spelunkery Table is likely the most valuable item to be found in an Underground Cabin, since they, unlike the cave tablets, cannot be found elsewhere.